Chania Village

chania village

Nearby places

Our Villas thankfully are close to brilliant and glorious locations.

You need a car,passion and a lot of delighted mood to discover all the positions in our unique island!

Afrata Beach

About 1 km east of our villas is the beautiful beach Afrata, well protected by a quiet bay. The pebble beach is a favorite choice for swimming for the locals as it is not particularly affected by etesian winds. The wild environment of Rodopou in combination with the serene landscape of the sea and the picturesqueness of the village, make the choice of Afrata ideal for holidays. You will find umbrellas and sunbeds, small tamarisk trees and a canteen with everything you need.


Elafonissi is the most famous beach in the world, is a tiny island with white and pink sand, separated from the shore by a lagoon no more than a metre deep. Elafonissi means “deer island”, but you won’t see any deer on the island or in the surrounding area.
On the way, you will see Chrisoskalitissa Monastery, visible from afar as it is dazzling white and built high on a great rock. Climb up to pay your respects at this historic monastery and look for the golden step which, according to legend, only the truly devout can see.


Falasarna Beach is only half an hour from our villas road trip and is one of the most magical and famous beaches all over the world with pink sand and the turquoise wates. A really well organised beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, beach bars and restaurants you deserve to have dinner or a cocktail and enjoy the romantic sunset after a long day on the beach. Nearby there are many beaches and the Ancient Falasarna places you must visit.


History: Gramvousa (also called Tigani peninsula). The castle on top of the island was built by the Venetians to protect Crete from a Turkish occupation. It was one of the last unconquered bastions and it was the first area of Crete to be liberated from the Turks in 1825 (Turks were expelled from all the rest of Crete only by 1898). 3000 Cretan rebels were planning operations from Gramvousa.
During this period of turmoil, the residents of the island started looting boats passing through, which gained the island its pirate reputation.
Balos bay and lagoon: Clear waters and desert-isle sand, an exceptional place in a wind-protected area of the sea.You can visit Balos driving until one point and then walking down or by cruise.